Making Lemonade out of lemons or how to profit from the crisis

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Maybe you guys already stumbled upon this interview already, if not I would recommand you to watch it. Sure Rastani was quite provokative with this dream-thing, but actually this should not be as shocking as it obviously is. everyone knews that you can pocket in when the market is heading north aswell as when it is about to meet new lows. Speculators have done this over the past centuries and todays Traders do aswell. There were many grat Investors wich recognized the opportunity and build fortunes. Legends as Jasse Livermore & Paul Tudor Jones are just two of many that did not miss to do the right thing at the right time. So what is all that hype about with this interview i.e. Rastanis Statement?! I guess the only shocking thing is that actually someone tells the truth in front of a camera. What do you guys think about the stuff he said in the interview? Some people called him a psychopath and wanted him dead and the theory that this whole interview was a hoax shows how uncomfortable the truth can be. The question is, when its wrong to capitalize on the crisis, what is the alternative for a trader? Wait untill the the market has stabilized itself and hort the cash under the mattress while you sit on your hands. The big institutions are going to get their piece of pie that thing is for sure, but when small traders proclaim that everone can cash in during the tough time when appropriately prepared the fingerpointing starts.

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